The MG42 general-purpose machine gun

While staying with Master, Kino is requested to cut down a tree using an MG42, which is described as being a newly developed "rapid-fire persuader" built in a neighboring country.

Bergmann Bayard Model 1903Edit

One of the slave traders that Kino encounters in episode 2 of the anime carries a Bergmann-Bayard M1903 pistol.


One of the slave traders that Kino encounters in episode 2 of the anime carries a modified SPAS-12 with a box-magazine configuration and folded stock.

1851 Colt Navy RevolverEdit

11705882 1

1861 Colt Navy .44 revolver (top) & 1851 Colt Navy .36 revolver (bottom)

Kino holsters the 1851 Colt Navy Revolver on the right hip of her utility belt. Her specific revolver houses a .44 caliber design alt hough all Nacy revolvers were housed with a .36 caliber (Colt Army Revolvers housed the .44 caliber). Kino is known to use unconventional liquid gunpowder to exponentially increase the firepower of her bullets. When using the liquid gunpowder bullets, she primes the charging handle and uses it as a foregrip just prior to firing (such an action will break the charging handle plunger). The persuader's nickname "Canon" is named after Pachelbel's "Canon," instead of "Cannon," a large piece of artillery.

Colt WoodsmanEdit


Colt Woodsman 3rd Series Match Target

Kino holsters the Colt Woodsman 3rd Series Match Target "handle-up" on her backside of her utility belt and nicknames it "Ranger." She was gifted with the "Ranger" in a gunshop owned by Partner while Kino was staying in the "Land of Kindness" during episode 13 of the anime "A Kind Land-Tomorrow Never Comes." It is implied that Partner was killed in the country during the volcanic eruption, but there is a slight possibility that he may have escaped just prior to country's destruction.

Partner, in his travelling days alongside Master, carried the same persuader. His adept machinery skills allowed him to reproduce copies as shown in his gunshop. However, Kino received the original Woodsman that Partner travelled with during his journeys rather than a reproduction/replica. 

Arisaka Type 99 RifleEdit

Kinos arisaka

Whilst traveling, Kino is presented to keep an advanced rifle as a parting gift from a particular country. The description of the rifle strongly represents a modernized version of the WWII Arisaka Type 99 Rifle. The rifle is silenced, semi-auto with ten bullets in a box magazine, variable scope attachment, and can break into two pieces for compact storage configuration. The original WWII Type 99 Arisaka rifle came standard with a bolt-action, 5 bullet fixed magazine, bayonet threading, and was not intended compact storage. 

The picture presented is a leaked color illustration of Kino holding "Flute" in the Volume 18 light novel.  

Suitcase NukeEdit

In light novel, volume 5 chapter 3 there is the mentioning of a suitcase nuclear fusion bomb. In the middle of a prairie, between two countries, Kino finds a store out of the blue. Due to the out-of-place shop in the middle of nowhere, Kino enters to take a quick peek. The store, to Kino's dismay is a high-power bomb store, selling bombs hydrogen bombs that look like suitcases powerful enough to destroy a whole country. The store clerk set up shop in the middle of nowhere because his home country would not allow him to sell such equipment when their country was experiencing an extended time of peace and had no reasons to partake in war with neighboring countries.The suitcases are painted in navy blue, the store clerk's favorite color. It is implied that five exist numbered from 1 to 5 with 5 being the smallest suitcase bomb.

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