The Wonderful Lands of Amazing Traditions is a country of actors that invent weird but fun traditions to dazzle travelers, which has earned them a bit of a reputation with travelers. This is because they think they have no traditions of their own.


They are a land of actors and are very theatrical and like to put on a show. They invent weird but fun traditions to dazzle travelers. If one fails to get the traveler to join, they discard it and move on. It is stated they just want a tradition of their own to take pride in. Since years ago they banished their evil king to the forest and outlawed all the traditions he enforced. Now they felt like they have nothing left in the community to take pride in like other countries. Thus, they figured they would make a new tradition and let the travelers decide if it is good. This is ironic because they actually do have a rather interesting and unique tradition that they themselves cannot realize. If they did, the tradition would come to an end. The descendents of the vanished king now live in the forest observing the coming and going traditions of the country.


The residents of the wonderful land of traditions are undergoing a cultural shift of sorts. They banished their evil king and with him gone they outlawed all the traditions that remind them of him. But in doing so they felt they rid themselves of any traditions they can take pride in and are now trying to establish new ones. They are kind of eccentric.

Failed Traditions

  • The cat ear dance is a cat themed dance performed while wearing cat ears. It involves hopping and lots of cat like arm movements. The made up backstory (granted its based on their real one) says a group called cat ear party vanished their evil king and the dance celebrated them.
  • Wearing turtle shells on their back
  • Wearing lion tails on their pants
  • Dancing while eating

Successful Traditions

Its ironic as they actually did succeed in establishing a rather interesting and unique tradition. They are inventing eccentric traditions to impress travelers has become an amazing one-of-a-kind tradition itself but they can't realize this, which is actually for the best because if they did then the tradition would come to an end.