The Land of Wizards is visited by Kino and Hermes in the 3rd chapter of the 2nd volume, as well as the 8th episode of the 2003 anime. Despite the name, no one in the village is able to use magic.


The society of the land of wizards is governed by the Potentials of Magic. As a very agriculturally orientated land, a person's worth and power are measured by their ability to increase crop production. The people are very supportive to new ideas, however, permits are required from the chief to patent new inventions.

The country refers to their founding father who built the house and made the filed furtal has mages.  they are big on prosiders affing arranged marriages and needing permits from there chiefs to patent the new inventions and a rule the chief must listen to all public appeal. they also due arranged marriages. (?????? Still figuring this out.)


Crop Production

Crop production is everything in the Land of Wizards. A person's place in this country's society is completely dependent by how much they can increase it by. Travelers are given a thoroughly detailed history of their crop production.

The previous chief brought had brought up production by 4%, while the current has by 3%. In order to make the year's production rise. the country ritually provides offerings to their god via a giant bronze statue.


As an agricultural country, naturally their technology heavily revolves around agriculture. Automobiles can be seen in the country as well. At the time of Kino's visit, they have also begun to explore the technology of aviation.

Interactions with Travelers

Despite their somewhat stern nature, the people of the Land of Wizards are very welcoming to travelers.