In the Land of Wizards, worth and power are measured by a person’s ability to increase crop production. they are very unsupportive to new ideas. despite the name no one in the village really has ant magic.


the society of the land of wizards is gouds by the Potentials of Magic power a persons worth and power are measured by a person’s ability to increase crop production. It is a very agriculturally orientated land. they refer to there founding father who built the house and made the filed furtal has mages.  they are big on prosiders affing aranged mariges and needing permits from there chiefs to patent the new inventions and a rule the chief must listen to all public appeal. they also due aranged marages. they worship a brown statue of there god and make overings of half a percent there cop to it. as of the end of kins juny there they are the first country to have flyet.


crop productionEdit

crop production is evening in the land of wizards a person place in sayidy is complty determent by how much they can increase it and any traveler is given a throw and detail history of there crop production. the prives chief brought it up 4% and the current on 3%. in order to make sheer production go's up they make a sacrifice ever year to there god veia a giant bronez statue with a stand half a present offering.


not surprisingly most of there technology revivolbs around agriculture. thaw in one scene a car was shown unlike most cars or trucks in the series witch seem to resemble 20 center vecics these ones seemed more like 21 center mini van you'd expect to see on the street now. after kino's adventure they are now the first country in the kinos unives to have aveation. though at first most weren't interested at first that soon changed after they see the bird fly.

interactions with travelersEdit

despite there some what stern nature they are very welcoming to travelers they where very exited to see kino and the chief him self personally greats every traveler and gives them a not so brief history of there crop production.

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