「The Land of Love and Peace」 —Power Play— (「愛と平和の国」 ("Ai to Heiwa no Kuni") —Power Play—) is the frontispiece of the third volume of Kino's Journey —the Beautiful World—.


Shizu and Riku arrive at a country but to their surprise there are no walls protecting it like other countries, only a wire fence to prevent farm animals from escaping.

While in the land Shizu meets the leader and asks why they don't need border walls to protect themselves. The leader says they don't need barbaric things such as weapons and an army. He tells Shizu and Riku to stay the evening to witness their way of life. A messenger had brought word that a neighboring country would be attacking that evening, but they have a means to deal with it other than fighting.

That evening on the outskirts of town the soldiers of the invading country arrive. Instead of weapons and tanks they're greeted with a bonfire and stage with a songstress. She begins to sing a song about love, peace, pacifism, and as she does the invading soldiers disarm their weapons and sway and cheer to the song, and everyone sings about being friendly and eating food.

The leader of the country explains to Shizu that they can resolve conflicts and disarm their enemies by preaching peace to them the virtues of peace in the form of song to resolve things, and that they had already received word by messenger that the country would not be invading after all. Shizu ponders over this and says nothing as he looks over the soldiers of the invading country.

The next day as Shizu and Riku leave they meet a soldier on the fields who mistake him for a potential enemy.  He eventually meets with the commander of the army who apologizes for the soldier's rudeness. Shizu comments that regarding the army's movements the evening before, they were never planning to invade the country to begin with.

The commander confirms this. They really didn't intend to invade at all and the soldiers know nothing about the false war declaration. They simply sent the message knowing that the peace loving country gave free concerts in response to those declarations and they send their soldiers there to relax and have fun by telling them their vassal state was holding a party for them. Their true enemy is a country further away that they believe is evil and they consider it their mission to eradicate them.

Shizu and Riku leave soon after and muses that it would be nice to settle down in a country that doesn't always think about war.

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