As a first time in wikia,I Library6202 will contribute in your Home Page about Kino no Tabi,It will be in the following:

Set in the land with few travelers,each town,city or village is considered a country.Each "country" has its own customs,its on people and its own way of life. Kino's Journey is a story that tells the adventure of the Girl named Kino   where she took that name from a traveler she know. Her adventurous journey is with her faithful companion a talking Motorbike  named Hermes. Her journey is by going to country by country to learn and know the customs of that certain country and she have a rule where she is to stay there at that certain country for only 3 days claiming that it is sufficient time to learn and know the customs of that country. Apart frpm the series, before this all hapen, Kino was actually a girl who lived in a certain country. By running away from her actual country due to the weird custom of her country, she then lives with someone she calls "Master" where she teaches Kino to be a Great Gunslinger and to be independent.

I hope that you may use this as a contribute to your wikia,And i hope that Kino's Journey Wiki will full its own knowledge about the anime "Kino no Tabi". 

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  Source:                             Happy Editing

                                                                                                                          Library6202 (talk) 00:35, February 20, 2013 (UTC)


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