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Shizu (シズ?) is one of the protagonists of the Kino universe, traveling with his companions Riku and Ti.

Personality and Appearance

Shizu is described in the novel as a tall, slender and well proportioned young man in his late teens or early twenties. He is dressed in a green sweater and blue jeans, wielding a katana.

Kino's first impression of him is of a peaceful martyr, despite participating in a tournament of death. During their match, he speaks to her in a solemn and humble tone and first tries to intimidate Kino into forfeiting and only intended to kill his opponent as a last resort. Like Kino, he had won all of his Coliseum matches without killing anyone.

Shizu seems to be a reasonable person as he did not get upset over Kino stealing his long-awaited revenge against his tyrannical father. He does not seem greedy and is rather humble since he decided against staying and fighting for the throne, believing that a man who contemplated patricide does not deserve to be king.

Shizu seems to also have a soft spot for children, and has taken charge of a few.

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