Shizu is the prince of the Land of the Coliseum and the final opponent of Kino in that country.


Shizu is described in the novel as a tall, slender and well proportioned young man in his late teens or early twenties. He is dressed in a green sweater and blue jeans, wielding a katana.

Kino's first impression of him is of a peaceful martyr, despite participating in a tournament of death. During their match, he speaks to her in a solemn and humble tone.


Shizu is a young man with a great talent for swordsmanship. He travels in a dune buggy with Riku, his dog companion. Despite escaping the Land of the Coliseum as a child, he returns to participate in the tournament as a means to assassinate his father and end the tyranny.

In the anime, he only appears in two episodes, but he appears in multiple stories just about him and Riku in the novels. Riku narrates all but one of these stories. Later in the novels, Kino and Hermes meet up with Shizu and Riku again, but Kino seems to remember only Riku's name. [1]


King Yukio: Shizu is the only son of King Yukio and the unnamed queen.

Unnamed Mother (death by suicide)

Unnamed Grandfather




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