Shishou's house is log house in the forest near the Land of Adults. It is where Shishou, and for a while, Kino, lives.


The forest in which the house is situated is noted to be spread over flat ground, with different sorts of trees growing luxuriously. A straight, but narrow road cuts through it, its width barely enough for a car and carriage to pass at the same time.

The house is situated on the side of this road, with a long and narrow field beside it, half planted with spinach. The other three sides of the house and field are surrounded by trees.

The novel depicts the house as one with a single pair of double doors, just wide enough for a person and motorrad, and large windows around the perimeter. A terrace was built around the entrance and side windows, and had multiple uses, from drying laundry, to sitting, to gun practice. There was also a small stable, but there are no horses.

From the front door is immediately the living room, with a log table centerpiece and three chairs. One corner of the room is covered in brick with a steel wood-burning stove.