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Shishou (師匠, Shishō?) is one of the main characters and first appears in the 2nd volume frontispiece.

Appearance and Personality

Shishou is depicted as a leader and mentor. Her companion Aibou defers to her for decisions, and she skillfully mentors Kino in the usage of firearms. It is implied that she is also afraid of ghosts.

Shishou, in her old age, is noted to seem fragile. Despite this, she stands with excellent posture, with her gray hair tied back. At her forest home, she is dressed in a light green cardigan over slim pants and a white shirt. She also wields a persuader.

In her youth, Shishou had long black hair and wore elegant looking clothes.


  • When Kino meets Aibou in another country, he inquires about Shishou only for Kino to say she didn't know where Shishou was. 
  • In Sigsawa's Gakuen Kino spinoff, Shishou is Kino's grandmother and secretly a world renown woman of incredible power both hailed and feared by all known only as Granny the Super. 

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