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Riku (陸) is the pet dog of Shizu, and his loyal vassal. Despite being a dog, he is able to speak. He first appears alongside Shizu in the Land of Colosseum. Riku refers to his master as Master Shizu at all times.

Appearance and Personality

Riku is a white Samoyed, with white busy fur. He states that while he always looks happy and smiling, that is not how he always feels. Being not only Shizu's pet, but also his only vassal, he cares strongly for his master's well being, and tries in vain to have Shizu reconsider his journey back home. Despite his master's insistence on continuing with his plan, Riku loyally stays alongside him.

He, being a sidekick similar to how Hermes is to Kino, appears to have quite a rivalry with the motorrad.

Riku is oftentimes designated as the ward of the children that he and Shizu come across and care for on their travels.


  • Riku is a samoyed, a breed of dog from the spitz group. Riku's constant smiling face is a natural physical trait of this breed of dog: upturned corners at the mouth, often nicknamed the "sammy smile".
  • Apparently, in the Anime, Riku has only spoken to Hermes, as Kino does not believe Riku can speak when told about the discussion Hermes had with him. In the 2003 Anime, Riku also speaks to Shizu, but in the English version, only barks or whimpers to him in these instances. In the Novels and the 2017 Anime, Riku speaks to both Kino and Hermes, much to the surprise of the latter in the 2017 Anime.

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