Mr. Regel is a prominent citizen in the Land of Permitted Murder. He wields a cane, with a black sword hidden inside.


Regel is a kind old man who enjoys the company of his friends, dancing and having tea. He talked politely with Kino and seems to enjoy listening to stories from travelers.

He acts humbly in the Land of Permitted Murder - despite explaining the rules of the country to the new citizen, he states that he is not worth of being called "majesty" and is "just a citizen".

Even after killing the new citizen in the Land Of Permitted Murder, he gently closes the eyes of the dead man - a sign of respect to the dead.


A few decades ago, Regel was known to be a serial killer and leader of a troupe of bandits and terrorists. Despite getting caught, he managed to escape his execution (via hanging) and was known to have taken refuge in the Land of Permitted Murder.