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"Master" (sitting) alongside "Partner" (standing), tending to a fire after settling for the night.

Master was a former traveler who traveled Kino's universe several years ago before settling down in a forest near the Land of Adults. She is considered both scoundrel and savior as she is hailed a hero in some countries and a wanted fugitive in others. Her origin story is not known, however she is very adept in military skills comparable to that of a seasoned tacitical officer as well as extensible knowledge in situational survival, gun skills, and bartering. During her traveling years she holstered the 1851 Navy Colt Revolver on her right hip, eventually relinquishing for Kino to "inherit". She used an old, yellow buggy that looked like it was going to "fall apart any minute" for her travels.

She traveled with a companion named "Partner." He is a middle aged, handsome man that has a knack for trouble but a sharp eye for valuables and as a sniper spotter. He is also an excellent mechanic and gunsmith given that he is given the proper equipment. Though an irreplaceable asset to Master, he vexes her by his incompetence and lack of survival skills always making him end up in some form of hindrance every country they visit. He is also known to have a paranormal ability to sense the presence of ghosts. 


  • Master is considered to be Kino's adopted mother by most fans however this is never clearly Justified. 
  • In episode 13 of the anime Kino meets "partner" in another country where he inquires about her only for kino to say she didn't know where master was. 

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