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Land of Visible Pain -I See You-
Kanji 人の痛みがわかる国
Romaji Hito no Itami ga Wakaru Kuni
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Air date April 8, 2003
The Tower Country -Freelance-
A Tale of Feeding Off Others -I Want to Live-


Kino and Hermes find themselves in a country that seems to be inhabited only by servile machines. Outside the city, she notices people living alone in the countryside. Kino befriends a man in a cottage who tells her that the entire population drank a special liquid which enabled them to understand each other's thoughts with the aim of creating harmony across the country. However being able to read each other's minds only brought disharmony to society through being aware of the unfiltered thoughts of every other person – even between the man and his wife. The only solution for the population was to live a short distance from each other. The man asks Kino to stay, but she declines and continues on her way, passing by the cottage of his wife living nearby.