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Land of Books -Nothing Is Written!-
Kanji 本の国
Romaji Hon no Kuni
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Air date June 10, 2003
Land of Wizards -Potentials of Magic-
A Tale of Mechanical Dolls -One-way Mission-


Kino and Hermes make their way to the Land of Books, a country whose library gathers together all the books in the world, but locks away those considered ‘harmful', leaving only the most wholesome and inoffensive out on display. Almost by chance, however, Kino finds herself thrust into the underground of this world, where a secret resistance publishes its own, darker material. But as the plot thickens, the lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur, until it becomes almost impossible to distinguish what is really happening, and what only exists on the pages of a book, or in the depths of an author's mind...