Kyoshi is the sole citizen Kino and Hermes are able to meet in the Land of Visible Pain.

Appearance and Personality

The novel depicts Kyoshi as a man of thirty, wearing black horn-rimmed glasses. Kino first sees him attempting to fix some machinery on a patch of grass.

Unable to speak to, let alone see another human being for over ten years, he is at first afraid of Kino, until he realises that she is unable to hear his thoughts. It takes him a moment before he able to speak to her properly due to his lack of usage of the spoken language. He tells Kino that if not for talking to himself, he would have most likely forgotten how to speak at all.

Kyoshi is an avid gardener, and a skilled furniture-maker; the novel states that the table and chairs the room in which he entertains Kino and Hermes are quite tasteful and handmade. He appears to tend to his two gardens quite frequently - one of fragrant flowers such as star jasmine, lavender and gardenia, as well as a herb garden, which has been described as well maintained.

He, like the remainder of the populace in his country, had willingly taken the medicine their country's scientists had developed, as they wanted to all evolve together. He and his lover eventually separated due to the constant thoughts in their head, and, like the rest of the citizens, found it unbearable to be together.