The original Kino's mother is a woman who lives in a country a day away from Shishou's house in the forest by motorrad. She is visited by Kino in hopes to return her son's traveling coat.

Appearance and Personality

Kino's mother is depicted as a slightly thick-set woman, aged about forty-five to fifty-five. She wore a one-piece dress with an apron on top of it, and round-lens glasses. She spoke kindly to Kino, who introduced herself as “×××××”, despite the grief from the loss of her son.

She listens patiently to ××××× explain her story, but states that she has nearly given up on news about her son as he had never returned nor sent any letters to her. She also laments on her son's passage to adulthood, as he had rarely returned home after becoming an adult.

Despite telling ××××× that it was becoming late and requesting she stay the night, Kino's mother drugs the girl and attempts to kill her by paralysis and strangulation, telling ××××× that if not for her, her son would have returned and never died.

She is eventually killed by Kino as a form of self-defense. Her corpse is found by a neighbour, and buried.

The brown traveling coat worn by both Kino was originally a gift to the predecessor by his mother. Upon his death, a note had been written by the original to ‘Don’t bury it with me, give it to her’, signifying that the current Kino is its rightful owner. 

In the film iteration, Kino's mother was a woman who had become insane due to the loss of her son, to the point of forgetting his name. She believed that all travelers were the enemy of her deceased son, and had drugged and killed many who visited as revenge. Neighbors had visited Shishou's house in hopes to have something done about the woman, but were refused, until Kino visited on her own accord. It is never confirmed if the woman in the film is truly the original Kino's mother.