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New Releases

Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series was released on October 7th.

Kino's Journey - Volume 21, has been released in Japan on October 7, 2017.


An new anime adaptation of light novel series has been announced at Dengeki Game Festival 2017, the series is titled Kino no Tabi - the Beautiful World - The Animated Series and it will premiered in Fall. The animation is produced by Lerche with the direction by Tomohisa Taguchi, Yukie Sugawara is charge of series scripts and Ryo Amisaki is designning the characters.

About Kino's JourneyEdit

Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World-

'Kino's Journey: the Beautiful World (Japanese: キノの旅 -the Beautiful World- Hepburn: Kino no Tabi -the Beautiful World-), shortened to Kino's Journey is a Japanese light novel series written by Keiichi Sigsawa and illustrated by Kouhaku Kuroboshi. Originally, the series started serialization in volume five in the now-defunct light novel maganize Dengeki hp on March 10, 2000. The series began with first volume on July 10, 2000 by ASCII Media Works under the imprint Dengeki Bunko.

As of October 2016, the light novel series has twenty volumes. In 2017, the series received his first manga adaptation by Iruka Shiomiya and began serialization on April 2017 issue of Kodansha's Shonen Magazine Edge released on March 17, 2017.

The story follows Kino, a young adventurer and his companion Hermes, a talking motorcycle. They travels and explore in a world of many differents countries with his own culture and its people, they spend only three days at each place.

The main article for Kino's Journey can be found here.

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Episode 3: "Bothersome Country" "Meiwaku na Kuni" (迷惑な国) 

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