The country in question is never actually seen nor is its real name ever heard its just called home of the slave traders. Kino met some trader whose names are never mentioned(that's kind a thing with this series).


While the country itself has never actually seen or visited in fact its name has never even been said though some aspects are revealed, like mainly their use of slavery and their cruelty. At the end of fall different teams of slave traders travel to the north to trade through a special pass, should every one get home alive they have a celebration called the returning home alive festival. It's unclear if the country is nothing but slave trading or if they have other things. They may or may not practice cannibalism the ones Kino met did but that might have just been desperation. They have a special song they play for travelers a little something for over coming the hard ships of the road and their thankfulness for life, it's actually just to lull them into a false sense of security so they can kidnap them.


While little is known about the country, it has been said that it has never actually been visited nor is its real name actually said. Some of it's people traditions where stated to Kino during her dire time with the traders, before they turned on her.


The country has a trail to the north that they use to trade their goods(aka slaves) with the northern country. After the fall harvest different teams set out to do trade, their main commodity appears to be trading slaves.


The country seems to do considerable trade in slavery as they send teams out every fall to sell and trade them with birds in the north, it also seems likely that they also capture them along the way. It's possible they use the pass as a good chance of running into others so they can trick and capture them. They may also eat the people they abduct, the ones Kino met did but this may have been desperation as they had been stuck out in the middle of winter with no food.

The returning home alive festivalEdit

Every year after the fall harvest people set out in teams to do slave trading and possible collecting. Given the danger of the trip and the practice if every one manages to get home a live they throw a special celebration called the returning home alive festival. There no set date for it to happen only on the day the last team returns home. It's a huge celebration with lots of food and woman(some may or may not be slaves). Festival days are sacred to them and they believe its good luck to get married on a festival as it is said to bring happiness and prosperity

Interaction with foreignersEdit

They are far from hospitable, though again it's not seen what happens when someone goes to the country. but if one of their teams meets someone on the road they will not hesitate to kidnap them to be sold into slavery. (even people who save their lives or bend over back words to help them) They also have a special song they play when they meet travelers, a little something for over coming the hard ships of the road and there thankfulness for life. It's actually is just to lull them in a false sense of security so that they can kidnap them.

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