Overview Edit

学園キノ, or Gakuen Kino was originally a spin-off of a joke that was written in the fourth volume of Kino's Journey.

The story of Gakuen Kino was originally derived from a joke that was written in the afterword of the fourth volume of Kino no Tabi. A spinoff of the original series, Kino attends high school with her talking cell phone strap, Hermes. When the students of her school start turning into monsters, Kino transforms into a gun-wielding magical girl, but her efforts are oftentimes thwarted by her incompetent, yet rival hero Shizu.

Novel Edit

# Release Date ISBN
1 July 10, 2006  ISBN 978-4-8402-3482-5
2 July 10, 2007 ISBN 978-4-8402-3908-0
3 June 10, 2009 ISBN 978-4-04-867840-7
4 July 10, 2010 ISBN 978-4-04-868644-0
5 July 08, 2011 ISBN 978-4-04-870690-2

Manga Edit

Release Date ISBN
1 February 26, 2011 ISBN 978-4048703307
2 October 27, 2011 ISBN 978-4048709873
3 June 27, 2012 ISBN 978-4048866491

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