The inhabitants of the country are building a giant tower. It is a great sight but the true purpose is hidden.


The country's entire way of life revolves around the tower they have been building for a mind boggling 230 years. They are all dedicated to the construction of the tower, but no one knows why they are building it. They just state it is there for god. They have no inns or traveler related businesses. Everything revolves around the tower. If one refuses to help build it, they are sacrificed to the tower. The people born there are not free to leave even if they want to do something else they cannot. when the tower eventually collapses under its own weight they rejoice and start to build a new one.


The inhabitants of the country are building a giant tower. Literally every aspect of their life is centered around it. They don't just build it, they worship it. It is the law that everyone must help build it and those who don't are sacrificed to it. In fact, Hermes theorized that it might have been started to replace god. No one knows why they build it, they just say it is their god. Every occupation is part of the construction effort to the point where no one owns anything but their one job is the tower, even if they wanted to do something else they couldn't. That is why the country has no inns or anything like restrooms or stores travelers might use. Anyone who won't help is labeled a defector. The country has invested a whopping 230 years into the tower. All the country's resources are poured into it almost like it's sucking up the whole country. The insides are built with a large tower in the center with many rounds going around to allow for easy car transportation. They country is single minded in its attempts. The tower has high possibility of having the height become a safety issue and eventually the tower collapses under its own weight. It is then revealed that it isn't the first time but every time the tower collapses they start on a new one. they consider towers collapsing a great occasion.

Interaction with foreigners

They are polite but have no store restaurant or inns they might find usefull.