a country of one is a country that overthrew a corrupt monarch, only to take democracy to a horrific extreme- killing thousands in executions decided by majority vote, eventually reducing the population to one man.</p>


For a long time the country was a monarchy in till about ten years ago the king was a tyrant. he spent his time praising and drink about his palace while the crops failed and the slip into an economic ruin. Anyone who was against him was strung up and dropped from the castle wall and the rest where under constant threat. Finally the people organized and revolted. they arrest the royal family with minimal loses. they then decide they where tired of having one man pull all the shots so they decided the best way to do things was with majority vote the first vote was to kill the king to with the overwhelming majority vote yes. he was executed in the same fashion he had executed the people. then for a time this system of magority vot work but a small fracten dis agreed say it took to lang and they need fever people with deistion making power the others where so anger they vote on wither to kill them the mogority sed yes so besicly every one how disagred with the magy was killed intill finally the contry consist of only one man.

there are also three others how work on the rail road lleading away from the vilage one cleaning the rails the one behind him dismantiling them and the last one repaering them. they left 50 years ago they have no idea the rail road compaine they worked for is gone and belive they are supporting people long dead.



the countrie was a monarky but the kings tyranical rule led to the revolt of his sub jects and the insertion of a dimorcray where mater where deside by majority vote. the first vote was what to do with the king it was a unaimis vote with 98 present magority. after that they begain voting on all kind of things for a while it was lidorating to get to there on ditions but then some dangres ideas came up. some people didn;t like how slow dimocray was and thout in stade of wating a round all day to vote a small fraction sed they should chose some one to make all the disithons. this did not go over well eith the others. the magority fond them guilty of impead progress and they where pout to death. eventally all discutions turned deadly. a man was disatisfide with the tax rate dead. a couple disagred with the disiton to turn the royal palace into a part death. so a large groop of abiltion ish to the death penalty amerged but they to ewhere silents. befor long they ran out of graves so a desition was mad to use the palace as a grave yeard. befor long any one who abosed the majority was killd. 16474 poeple sent to an early grave intill finaly only three remained. a man his wife and one of the revilionarys he wanted to leaf they voted he die now just the man and his wife. she die of a could on acount they killed all the doctors/ now the howl countrys consist of one man.

interaction with forenersEdit

its not clear what they where like befor the fall but now it consit of one man who has gone crazy begain any one who comes by to becaome citizens in his country telling them the stroy  and offer fancy titles like vice presidents if they stay of cour noun do.

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