「A Troublesome Land」 —Leave Only Footsteps!— (「迷惑な国」 ("Meiwakuna Kuni") —Leave Only Footsteps!—) is the first chapter of the seventh volume of Kino's Journey —the Beautiful World—.


Kino and Hermes board a "traveling country", housing an entire population in a gigantic moving vehicle. The immigration officer explains the vehicle is powered by an automatic generator whose energy must be consumed to prevent overheating. When they arrive at the border wall of another country, the General in charge refuses permission to continue. Undaunted, the traveling country breaks through the wall using a powerful laser and crosses the green pastures. The local military fails to penetrate the vehicle's armor and in frustration they target a mural painted on the side by the children. Kino helps her hosts by shooting the targeting binoculars and missiles. Kino realizes that with their technology, her hosts could easily conquer other countries but the immigration officer tells Kino that they have no such desire and only want to travel the world in peace. As Kino and Hermes leave the travelling country, she remarks on the "bothersome country". Hermes is confused as to which one, and Kino replies both: one for causing destruction with its massive tracks as it travels, the other for charging a high toll for travelers to pass through the land that they have sealed with their long border wall. Hermes then remarks that the children of the traveling country will be sure to paint a new mural depicting Kino's heroism, causing much embarrassment for her.

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