「A Pledge」 —a Kitchen Knife— (「誓い」 ("Chikai") —a Kitchen Knife—) is the Prologue・Epilogue of the sixth volume of Kino's Journey —the Beautiful World—.

It consists of two parts: the prologue 「A Pledge・b」 —a Kitchen Knife・b— and the epilogue 「A Pledge・a」 —a Kitchen Knife・a—. It is written as a diary entry by Kino's father, writing cheerfully about his daughter's birth.

「 A Pledge・b」 —a Kitchen Knife・b—

Kino's father, drunk with joy, continues his entry with lines of happiness, wishing for a long future with his daughter. He ends it stating that he should perhaps stop writing, though he does not quite want to.

「A Pledge・a」 —a Kitchen Knife・a—

The diary entry begins with an undefined year, month and day. The weather is stated to be sunny.

Kino's father writes that it is the most memorable day of his life, and that while he mostly writes of trivial things in this diary, he is very glad he is able to write down his feelings today. He believes that twelves years from this entry,.this day will still hold the same importance as it does today.

He promises to give her all his love, and to care and protect her always, even if it meant to become enemies of everyone, or sacrifice everything for her, as she is his treasure and the most precious thing in his world.

On his way to the hospital to visit his wife and child, he overhears the border guards discussing a plant that grows outside the country. They describe it as a bright red flower that stains the land with its color, and blooms splendidly during the current season, albeit for a short time. He states that both he and his wife have never seen this flower, and most likely never will.

He wants to name his daughter after this flower -which, according to the guards, is named  "×××××"[1]- as she was born during its blooming period, as if it were celebrating her birthday.

  1. The actual name of the flower is unknown. It is implied to be "Sakura" but is never outright stated.