The Melancholy Country is a gloomy country with a dark past where the people live in a state of perpetual gloom inspired by the poem of sadness. Although never actually stated, it's strongly implied that the book the land of prophecies worships is this poem of sadness.


The citizens of the melancholy country live in perpetual gloom. The people's only purpose in life is to continue the depression. The reason for this is that a long time ago their country had a great poet who sang of beauty and wonder of the world. It was said that happiness flowed from his mouth. He lived with his wife and daughter. Thee evil hearted king of the time ordered him to write the song of sadness, but the man had never written a sad poem before.

Normally such things just came naturally but he could not this time. on the last day before his execution his wife came to the husband and slit her throat right in front of him. That night he wrote the poem of sadness. The meaning is not known but it drives the listener mad with grief. When the king heard its effects he went mad and he vanished the poet from the country and locked himself in the palace. Even in exile, the poet and the poet's voice echoed on and on for the whole country to hear. Eventually it caused the king to grow ill and die. Even still the poet continued to wander the streets singing out his sad poem. He did so for ten years until he finally died. At first everyone was relieved to be free of his sad mind destroying poem, but on the day of his funeral his 14 year old daughter now had learned the poem by heart and took up his place and chanted it out loud for the whold world to hear. Now every ten years a new girl is chose to recite the song for the country.


They are gloomy, depressing and sad all the time. This is truly a gloomy place to live.

Interaction with Travelers

They are welcoming to foreigners, but most choose to steer clear. The most notible interaction they ever had was when one guy from the country wrote down their poems and called it the book of prophecy. The land of prophecy worships it as a book of the future. Another country also got a book that they interpret as saying the must destroy the melancholy country to save the world. Their fate is unknown.