「A Land of No Admittance」 —Reasonable— (「入れない国」 ("Hairenai Kuni") —Reasonable—) is the first frontispiece of the sixth volume of Kino's Journey —the Beautiful World—.


The story centers on a country Kino has trouble entering. She attempts to enter the country four times, once each season. Each time, she is denied entry. The first time, during spring, she is denied entry on the basis of possessing a persuader. The guard at the gate claims all travelers who entered the country with persuaders caused terrible incidents, thus they cannot let her in for the safety of their country. When she asks if she could leave her persuader in their custody, the guard claims those who use persuaders are not right in the head and denies her entry again. So Kino gives up on entering and leaves.

This happens again the second and third time, with the reasons being that she rides a motorrad and wears a black coat. The fourth time she tries, during the winter, she is denied entry on the basis of all three reasons used previously. This time, before leaving, Kino laments being unable to sell the rare furs she obtained from the animals in the forest. The guard stops her and tells her that they recognize that persuaders are necessary for a dangerous journey, motorrads are a convenient method of travel, and that the black coat looks good on her. Also, they couldn't turn her away in the terrible weather, so they grant her entry.